Inspection fees and payment 

The cost for a property inspection can vary widely from home to home, or building to building. We feel it is important to structure the fees for services in a way that is fair and reflective of the time and effort that is required to complete the inspection and reporting. 

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Inspection fees 

The cost for a property inspection can vary widely from home to home, or building to building. Fees are structured and based on the time it take to complete the inspection and the report, as well as the costs of any lab tests that are requested. For example, inspections of smaller and newer homes or buildings tend to be less complex and in turn, faster to complete which makes them the most economical. Older and larger homes are more complicated and may have more bathrooms, more heating systems, detached garages, and even additional living quarters such as guest houses. These inspections take longer, and understandably will cost more.

Our pricing is always competitive, coming in at or below industry standards.

Quite often, lab tests such as radon testing, water quality testing, mold testing, or asbestos testing are requested as part of a property inspection. These tests all have out-of-pocket costs associated with them and will add to the cost of an inspection.

The fee presented to our clients for the inspection is prepared on a package basis that takes into consideration:
• The cost of the actual inspection of the property with it’s corresponding written report
• Any additional services such as well flow tests or CO/combustible gas tests
• The lab tests (e.g. water tests, radon tests, or mold tests)

A discount is then applied to the total amount in consideration of the multiple services that are being conducted. 

Note: There may be a surcharge for the convenience of inspections performed on weekends and holidays.


Breakwater Inspections is proud to offer a variety of discounts, including:
• Repeat client discounts - if you have hired Breakwater Inspections in the past year for another inspection, you will receive $15 off of your next inspection package
Military personnel (active duty or veterans) and first responders (police/Sheriff officers, firefighters, and emergency medical) in our community do so much to keep our families and neighbors safe. To show our gratitude, Breakwater Inspections offers a special discount for our military personnel and first responders. 
Senior citizens - Breakwater Inspections is happy to offer discounts to senior citizens over the age of 65.
First time home buyers - We know the challenges and excitement of buying your first home. At the same time, we understand that for many people the first home purchase is a stretch and are pleased to help with a special discount.

Please inquire about any applicable discounts when booking your inspection.
(A limit of one discount can be applied. Discounts only apply to packages of services that include an inspection. Discounts cannot be applied to services or packages of services of less than $400 in value. Discount may not apply to services performed on weekends or holidays. Discount may not apply to services or inspections performed after 4PM. Other conditions may apply.)


It is customary for payment to be made at the time of the inspection. Typically, clients will pay by cash, check, credit card, NFC (Apple Pay or Samsung Pay) while at the property for the inspection. For those not attending the inspection, a check can be mailed ahead, a credit card number provided at the time the inspection is completed, or payment can be made directly through our website (below). In the unfortunate event of late payments, additional fees will apply.

If you would like to pay through our website, please enter the Inspection number below (from the invoice) and press "Pay Now". Once on the PayPal page, please enter the cost for the inspection services (from the invoice) in the "Item price" field (that shows $0) and press the "update" button.

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