Why you need a home inspection...

A Home Inspection is the best way to learn about the condition of your home or the one you’re interested in. The property inspector will examine the home and its systems, and let you know what's good, what might need some work, and what to expect.

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If you’re buying a home...

The purchase of a home is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. A Buyer’s Inspection helps ensure the quality of your investment by making you aware of its condition and alerting you to concerns. The benefits of a Buyer's Inspection include:

• Knowledge: Understanding exactly what
  you’re buying—old or new
• Peace of Mind: Helping you to make an
  informed buying decision
• Savings: Revealing the issues and the need for repairs or replacements before you buy 
• Education: You’ll learn valuable things about your new home such as how the house systems operate and
  regular ongoing maintenance items you need to know about

Being as informed as you can will allow you to make the best decision you can... and help you sleep better. 

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If you’re selling a home... 

The sale of a home can keep you on the edge of your seat. A Seller’s Inspection (also called a Pre-Listing Inspection) can ease your stress and take all the guesswork out of it. You’ll know exactly what to anticipate and can address and repair issues that could complicate the sale of your house. The benefits of a Seller's Inspection include:  

• Peace of Mind:  A Seller's Inspection gives
  comfort to potential buyers by eliminating
  the need for them to concern themselves
  over the condition of the property
• Avoiding the Last-Minute Scramble: Learn
  what issues, repairs, and fixes should be
  addressed so that you can complete them
  on your schedule instead of at the last
  minute before a closing
• Being Prepared: Learning what will come up
  during the buyer's inspection will give you a
  chance to decide how you want to handle them— leave
  them and sell the home "as-is", know what the potential repair costs are, or have them fixed yourself

Plan your Seller's Inspection well ahead so you can be ready and avoid surprises. You will be in a stronger position by being ready.

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If you’re building a new home...

Building a new home can be exciting and challenging all at the same time. The prospect of getting the exact home just the way you want it is a dream come true. 

While you will most likely have a warranty, collecting on it may be challenging. Most people who have been through the process wish they had known about the defects and issues before they closed and took delivery—a New Construction Inspection would have helped.

New Construction Inspection can take many of the headaches and unknowns out of the process; some of the benefits include:

• Find What’s Been Missed:  Even if you have the best team of
  builders, contractors, and tradespeople, sometimes things are
  missed, forgotten, and never gotten back to. You are in a far
  better position to get these issues fixed if you have an objective
  and clear list before you close something you would have from
  an inspection
• Warranties Are Not Always What We Think: Most new home builders offer warranties. There are often
  many items not covered on the warranty as well as many exclusions and limitations. An inspection can help
  you avoid what many say is a long and painful process by showing what needs to be fixed and addressed
  before you need to start relying on a warranty

Building your dream home can be a dream come true... and a New Construction Inspection can help give you the peace of mind you dreamed of. 

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If you own a home... 

Owning your home can bring you great peace of mind and is the American dream. With the joys of ownership come the responsibilities of maintaining your home. More often than not the big homeownership expenses start out as small ones. The benefits of an Owner’s Inspection include:

• Seeing What You Don't See:  Little issues
  develop that you're not aware of and don't
  know to look for. The trained eye of a home
  inspector can find them and show you the
• Addressing Issues Early: Most large home repairs start out as little ones, but are not seen or are not
  addressed. An inspection can find the small things and prioritize them so they can be handled before they
  become big and expensive
• An Ounce of Prevention: Many homeowners are not aware of many of the regular maintenance tasks that
  should be kept up with around the house. Fixing a leaky gutter before foundation decay starts, repairing a
  door seal before the subfloor rots, or replacing a couple of roof shingles before a big roof leak problem
  develops are just a few of the types of issues an Owner's Inspection can find and assess

Just because we live in our homes and everything seems fine doesn't mean there may not be issues. An Owner's Inspection is a small investment that can result in huge savings.


Some of the most common issues... 

While there is an endless list of issues that can be discovered during a home inspection, there are some that are seen more often than others. Here is a list of some of the most common issues that are found during a home inspection.