Why is a home warranty a good idea?

At Breakwater Inspections we know that the purchase or the sale of a home is an exciting time and one that is often a significant milestone in our lives.  

              ... new, old, or anywhere in between
              ... a house, cabin, condominium, or townhouse
there are always questions and unknowns about the property.

 A home inspection answers many of our questions, and can help put your mind at ease.

 But... what about the things that are fine at the time of the inspection but fail shortly thereafter?
- It could be the dishwasher that is fine when tested during the inspection, but stops working a week or two after you move in,
- Or the furnace that was working like a charm at closing, but is puffing smoke a month later 

 Surprise! And, not the kind we like. 

There is sometimes just no way to tell when an appliance or system is going break or fail completely.

At Breakwater Inspections we believe in doing what we can to bring peace of mind to the home inspection and buying process. To that end, we are offering (upon request) a Home Warranty with the purchase of a home inspection.

The home warranty

A home warranty is being offered to all clients who purchase a home inspection from Breakwater Inspections.*

Breakwater Inspections home warranty

• The inspection can be a buyer's inspection or a seller's inspection.

• The inspection can be on single-family residence, condominium, townhouse, cabin, or camp.

• For buyer's inspections, the warranty is effective for 90 days following the inspection. If the closing of the transaction has not happened within the 90 days, the warranty is extended for another 30 days. Complete information about what the program covers is available at https://www.ahomewarranty.com/ahwa90.pdf

• For seller’s inspections, the warranty is effective for 120 days following the inspection or until the house sells (whichever is sooner). Complete information about what the program covers is available at https://www.ahomewarranty.com/ahwa120.pdf

 * Available for Buyer’s Inspections and Seller’s Inspections, and for inspections where the invoiced amount is $400 or more.