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Breakwater Inspections provided extremely thorough and comprehensive service. Although the report was technically precise, it was organized and explained in such a way as to make it easily understandable. I highly recommend this firm!
— Chris S. (Buyer's Inspection)

This truly was a top to bottom inspection with care taken to every detail. John was open to questions and explained the process every step of the way.
— Holly H. (Buyer's Inspection)

John is great - very professional - easy to talk to and ask questions. I would recommend him to anyone buying a home!
— Sarah C. (Buyer's Inspection)

Saved us 3 times his fee by finding an issue that we otherwise would have had to fix later, but instead the seller agreed to pay for.
— Brad A. (Buyer's Inspection)

Great service!
— J. C. (Realtor)

John was extremely thorough and detail oriented in performing the home inspection. He took the time to answer all my questions during the walk-through and was able to identify a pump problem that required immediate action.
— Richard and Sharon M. (Buyer's Inspection)

Breakwater Inspections exceeded our expectations. John’s methodical approach to home inspections and his attention to detail in documentation are truly impressive. The final inspection report received was nothing short of art. We have had it bound and plan to use it for years to come as an invaluable reference.
— Kristine and Jeremy L. (Buyer's Inspection)

You did a great job! Thanks!
— B. B. (Realtor)

I was impressed with the inspection overall, knowledge and willingness to answer questions.
— George B. (Buyer's Inspection)

From the beginning to the end of the process, our inspector John answered our questions via phone, email, and in-person with promptness and expertise. The several hour pre-purchase home inspection was absolutely thorough (during which John offered explanations of systems and answered questions.) The
69 page inspection report was generated within 24 hours and included many photographs to accompany the narrative. No stone was left unturned. Highly competent and professional. A+ outfit!
— George S. and Nancy G. (Buyer's Inspection)

Our inspector well exceeded our expectation, Being our kid’s first house, he explained everything to them and repeated the process with us. We were very impressed.
— Julie W. (Buyer's Inspection)

Breakwater Inspections did a thorough inspection of our home I wanted to purchase. Absolutely everything was checked from the cellar to the top of the roof. Excellent job!
— Lucy H. (Buyer's Inspection)

John Howard was professional and thorough, his written report with pictures was comprehensive and top notch. We were fortunate to find Breakwater Inspections and I recommend them highly.
— Rick M. (Buyer's Inspection)

John did a wonderful job providing a very detailed inspection report and answering all my questions! He even came out to meet me at the home a second time to walk through and point out maintenance concerns, etc. Much appreciated the friendly and professional service!
— Anonymous (Buyer's Inspection)

We closed on our new condo yesterday! John’s exceptional service exceeded our expectations and gave us the confidence in our purchasing decision.
— Scott A. (Buyer's Inspection)

This service was very thorough and met my needs. My inspector went out of his way to ensure my needs were met and was satisfied with services.
— Kathleen and Jason B. (Buyer's Inspection)

The comprehensive inspection reports were provided the next day. John promptly answered any questions.
— John B. (Buyer's Inspection)

Genuine, honest and articulate. Very impressed!
— Anonymous (Buyer's Inspection)

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. John did a great job in all aspects of the job. We wouldn’t hesitate to give him a recommend in the future.
— Anonymous (Buyer's Inspection)

You have been nothing but the best, professional, easy to work with and accommodating to our multiple needs (coming from a realtors daughter who has been through a number of inspections)! From the moment my other half found you on line, your eagerness to answer our every question, your thorough inspection with detailed information to the post home inspection follow up, we greatly appreciate the added touches (mailing the inspection as well as being email savvy!) You have exceeded our expectations and will most definitely refer you to others as time moves on! Thank you again!
— Cordelia S. & Nate W. (Buyer’s Inspection)

We happened to choose Breakwater Inspections after completing an internet search and we could not have made a better choice! John communicated with us promptly and professionally through every step of the inspection process. John was very easy to work with and on the day of the inspection, provided us with detailed explanations regarding the systems and the areas of concern in the house we were purchasing. We received a detailed, easy-to-read report within 24 hours of our inspection. We would highly recommend John to anyone needing a home inspection.
— Kate & Bobby D. (Buyer's Inspection)

I needed to understand the condition of my house and prioritize my projects. John did a thorough inspection and gave me a great report that was really clear and easy to follow. Now I know what to work on first and what can wait.
— John B (Owner’s Inspection)

John is thorough, detailed and completely professional. We were amazed at the breadth and depth of his expertise.
— Jackie & Dan F (Seller’s Inspection)

John’s knowledge and expertise in home construction materials and methods, as well as their associated mechanical and electrical systems, have proven invaluable to us in regard to our last two homes.
— Henry & Joy N (Buyer’s Inspection)

In all of my dealings with John, I have found that he is not only honorable and trustworthy, he pays very careful attention to detail and is meticulous in his craftsmanship and handiwork. He assesses a home thoroughly and is knowledgeable in his facts. He is able to communicate issues clearly and in a forthright nature. I trust his opinion implicitly and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.
— Jackie H (Realtor)

I found John through Google and took a chance. I’m glad I did. He was VERY thorough. Since I was new to some of the systems in the home, he took his time to explain everything to me in terms I could understand.

John was also very competitive with his pricing. No reason to use anyone else. I would recommend him every time.
— Mike M (Buyer’s Inspection)

John Howard of Breakwater Inspections provided everything one should expect in a building inspection. He was systematic, exacting and thorough. His explanations were clear - it was apparent that John was invested in making sure that I completely understood what he was doing, why and the implications accompanying specific findings - positive or negative. His delivery of a written report was prompt, detailed and concise, highlighting areas of concern with indications to the referenced issues as either being something that could be readily mitigated or something that was going to require more serious attention.

I would highly recommend John Howard and Breakwater Inspections to anyone considering the purchase of a home. Whether it’s less than 1000 sq. ft. or in excess of 5000, I’m confident John would give the inspection process the same level of professionalism and care.
— Ann M (Buyer’s Inspection)

Breakwater Inspections is a real find in the mid-coast area. John was a consummate professional at every step in the inspection process. He was extremely responsive and organized. He was prepared and performed a thorough inspection, providing us with an easy to read, comprehensive report. If you are looking for an experienced professional, who provides a high level of service, John is it!
— C. B. (Buyer’s Inspection)